Ronald van Lent

Juni 7, 2022

Restart EuropeMasters 2023

We are happy to announce that we have found a partner in which we believe the European Championships can be restarted and evolve. Our main contact – Tobias Hoffmann – is linked to the DMMiB who organises the German Championships. We foresee not only continuity, but also the geographical advantages of being close to Essen and being backup up with […]
Februar 13, 2022

Future EuropeMasters unclear for now

Dear gaming friends and contacts, First of all we hope you all are fine and in good health. It has been long since we have sent out our last communication. Being silent doesn’t mean nothing has happened. The last 2 years we have been hoping for possibilities to organise the EC and started  up each year in spite of the […]
Juni 14, 2020

EuropeMasters edition 2020 -> 2021 -> 2022

Dear gaming friends, We hope you are all well. We would like to give you an update regarding EuropeMasters: We are, just as probably all of you, eager and longing for the day to meet, greet and play again in a great event as EuropeMasters. However, we also notice there is still a lot unclear for the near future in […]
April 29, 2020


Dear gamers we hope you are all in good health. As we have received several questions and there are some concerns about the tournament, we want to share with you our latest thoughts. We, as organisation, are following closely all developments of Covid’19. Unfortunately the foresights are very limited. Most governments/countries only have a 3-4 week window. And though it […]
März 8, 2020

Tournament games 2020 selected

We are pleased to announce the tournament games for 2020: Caylus 1303 – Space Cowboys The Magnificent – Aporta Games Masters of Renaissance – Cranio Creations Marco Polo II: In the Service of the Khan – Hans im Glück Please note that the selection of the tournament games is not based on an individual title. In the selection proces we look […]