Why sponsoring?

Europe Masters is organized on voluntary base. The organization has no commercial or personal interests whatsoever. The reason why the organizer invests so much in setting up an event like the European championships is in the first place pure for fun, joy and hobby.

What is asked from sponsors are games, no financial support. Games to be played at the tournament and games for prizes. From the teams participating a fee is asked. With this cash flow the organization tries to become break even with the expenses made.

The benefit for sponsors from commercial point of view is the PR value of Europe Masters. The PR value exceeds the costs of sponsorship easily (which is production costs of the games) The largest gaming websites and magazines throughout Europe publish announcements and reviews of the tournament, the sponsors and games played. But also the participating teams write reviews for their local and national gaming magazines. New released games get this way additional attention and gamers are reached directly! But also the championship and the Spiel games fair attract “normal” media like newspapers, television and radio broadcasting. From an emotional point of view is the European championship an event which ought to be safeguarded for the gaming community. In total more than 500 teams and over 3000 players throughout Europe take part in qualification rounds, national championships and Europe Masters. But the European championship can not thrive and survive only on volunteers and participating teams, it needs support from the commerce as well.

In case you are interested to sponsor Europe Masters or would like to receive more information, please contact us

In advance thank you for your time and support,

Ronald van Lent
organizer Europe Masters

Sponsor of Tournament games

Since 2010 we have introduced our nomination list. This is our short list of games we, as organization, find interesting for our tournament. These games are challenging and offer new aspects. The reason we started with the nomination list, is that we received many questions of players to share it with them. With the shortlist we can bring more good games under the attention of gaming enthusiasts.

From the nomination list we finally select 4 different titles to be played at the tournament. For this we request the publisher to sponsor a total of approximately 70 copies of a single game title. The games have to be sent to only a central shipping address, where the organization will take over regarding distribution, rule translations etc etc.

If you would apply with your game for the nomination list, keep in mind the following “restrictions”:

  • The game can be played with 4 players and ought to be balanced.
  • The type of game is should be challenging (tactical/strategic) with a minimum of luck.
  • The maximum playing time may not exceed 3 hours, or a setup is possible to reduce the playing time to max 3 hours
  • Games where text/talking takes a significant role in the play are not suitable as Europe Masters is an international event and not all team members are equally skilled in English.

Though it is not a necessity the preference of the organization goes to recently published games. In some cases we could ask for a copy of the game to be able to playtest first.

Sponsor of Prizes

Of course the best teams of Europe can not be send home empty handed. Besides a trophy for the European champions and the best individual player, games are being used as awards. Each sponsor is free to determine the quantity and which games to sponsor. This could be new released games, an autographed copy, old classics, special editions, or maybe what is lying on the shelves to take dust.

In case you have a special offer or idea for the tournament, feel free to contact us. We are willing to take serious offers into consideration, as any support is welcome.

Main Sponsor

The tournament area (together with rental fee of chairs, tables, etc) and shipping costs of the training copies are the main costs drivers of the event. With a sponsor, this would result in additional budget which we can spend on some structural investments to improve the event.

Sponsor of website

At this moment there are no guidelines regarding companies interested to sponsor this website. Any proposals will be taken into consideration. Possible support is to have your company banner with hyperlink added.