The process to select the final 4 games to be played at the tournament is not based on the selection of single titles. Instead it is based on a mix of different gaming mechanisms, overall playing time and the availability of the game. Please note that for the EC we need a significant amount of games. It is for example possible that a game, as result to its success, is in a reprint and therefor the availability of the game could pose an issue for the tournament.

We want to emphasize that for the nomination list already a preselection has taken place. And that with the selected tournament games the organization does not valuate these titles above the other titles on our nomination list.

Why sharing the nominees in the progress as well? The idea for sharing the nomination list started due to questions posed by our participants. There is genuine interest in how the selection process goes, which games we have been looking at. This way we have been able to share more interesting titles than only the 4 games played at the tournament.