• The tournament will be held on the Saturday during SPIEL in conference room “Deutschland”. Be on time for registration, as we have a tight time schedule to follow.
    Conference room “Deutschland” is located at the conference area before Hall 1 (at the main entry, go downstairs). PLEASE refrain from taking a different entrance!!
  • The registration fee is 60 Euro per team. As we organize the event as volunteers, we do not have the goal to make any profit. We have set this fee to be able to cover our expenses.
    In return each team get a set of 4 tournament games after the tournament (and maybe some prizes).
    Note: Food/drinks are not included in the fee. An entrance fee for Spiel is neither included.
  • Payment can be made at the start of the tournament, please have the exact registration fee for your team ready in cash (so we don’t have to exchange money). We do not accept credit cards, bank cards or online payments.
  • At the tournament the games are provided by the tournament organizer. Teams do not need to bring their training copies of the games.
  • Accommodation: Check in on time! SPIEL attracts many visitors from all over the world and it can be hard to find a nice affordable accommodation, if your wait too long.
  • Each team must obtain its own training copies of the games in the run-up to the tournament. We take into account the availability of games in our selection. If you have any problems with availability, please let us know.
  • As this is a highly competitive tournament, we expect from each player to have played each game at least three times!
  • Each team should strive to have a reserve player. Also, this player should know the rules and games. If you are not able to bring along a reserve player, this is NO PROBLEM as other teams will have them (or we as organization). So, in case due to circumstances the size of your team will drop below 4 players, please do NOT decline from participation, but show up and play with a reserve player from a different team.
  • The tournament area is a non-smoking area.
  • The use of mobile phones within the tournament area is strictly prohibited.
  • The organization of Europe Masters is done completely by volunteers. Please keep this in mind. We put a lot of effort and energy to provide a high standard tournament. But we are not doing it as a profession.
  • It is not allowed to feed the referees! We want to keep them wild. 😛
  • During tournament play the organization will take some pictures for our sponsors. Also, the tournament area is open for the press. We try to minimize to disturb your gameplay. And ask for your understanding as without the PR we do not get sponsors, and without sponsors there is no EC.