In this section per game clarifications will be posted as well as the English rules in case these are not provided with the game.

Rules download section

English Rules – Download Link

Tournament Schedule

Welcome Speechtbd.
Start first gametbd.
Award Ceremonytbd.
End of Eventtbd.
(All times are tentative and may be subject to change!)

Time per Game

Games are played in the following order. The mandatory maximum playing times per game are:

Kutná Hora – the City of Silvertbd.
Port Royal – The Dice Gametbd
The White Castletbd.

Board Game Timer

In order to keep the playing times of the games within normal limits, we are planning to introduce time limits on the playing time per player per game this year wherever necessary.

Please expect that during the tournament for individual games the app Board Game Timer will be used. It will measure the playing time per player for the entire game.

A special thanks to our partner Mads Purup, the developer of the app, who has extended it for us, kept it free of charge and also ported it to Android. Please give him good reviews in the App Store/Google Play if you like the app and recommend it to other players.

The timer app can be used either at all tables for the entire game, or after the referee’s decision for the remaining game time at tables where an overlong game appears.

The use of the timer app is explicitly not aimed at forcing particularly fast play. Accordingly, the time limits will be such that no one should be in danger of hitting a time limit during normal fast play.

Each team is required to bring two mobile devices to the tournament with the app installed, fully charged and in flight mode.

Please install the app on your devices and familiarize yourself with it in case it is used in the tournament.
The App will be started in mode “Count Up”. Time limits will be communicated by the referees.


  • Change to “Setup – 3”: One of each Wildlife Token is placed in the bag. The Wildlife Tokens are then drawn blind in turn. For the first Wildlife Token drawn use the corresponding Wildlife Scoring Card with the letter B for the game, for the second Wildlife Token use the Wildlife Scoring Card with the letter C and for the third Wildlife Token use the Wildlife Scoring Card with the letter D. A random Wildlife Scoring Card is drawn for each of the last two Wildlife Tokens.
  • Explanation of “Setup – 7”: There is no limit to the number of Nature Tokens available.
  • Change to “Turn Summary”: If there is overpopulation or if the player uses a Nature Token to wipe Wildlife Tokens, the Wildlife Token are first set aside and then new Wildlife Token are drawn. The Wildlife Token set aside are placed in the bag immediately afterwards, before overpopulation is tested again or further Nature Tokens are used.
  • Explanation of “Scoring cards”:
    • Bears: A group of bears that is larger than the largest group on the scoring card does not score any victory points in the bear scoring. It can also not be divided into smaller groups for scoring.
    • Salmon:
      • A group of salmon is a run if each salmon has a maximum of two salmon as neighbors and no other salmon is adjacent to the group.
      • A group of 3 salmon in a triangular shape is considered a run – each salmon has exactly two neighbors. The same applies to groups of salmon in a ring shape. Each additional salmon that is connected to such a salmon run causes it to no longer be a run.

Kutná Hora – the City of Silver

Explanation to “Setup”:

  • Regular guild setup according to the rules is used. The “For your first game” guild setup is ignored.
  • Event Cards Setup: No Event Cards will be used.

Clarification on “Prices”: It is not allowed to look at future cards of the population or the ore deck.

Clarification to “Game play”: Played action cards remain publicly visible in front of the player until the end of the round.

Port Royal – The Dice Game

[Change to “Chapter 1”: The island with “Sailor 2” is supposed to have 2 spaces, not just one. So when playing, please just add a second circle by hand.]

Determination: Chapter 4 will be played.

Change to “Setup – 7”: Setup step 7 will be skipped. No player chooses an island, nobody crosses out spaces.

Clarification to “Game play – Blue ship wheel”: After each dice roll, the active player may use exactly 1 blue ship wheel to repeat the roll once. However, he must then accept the reroll and deal with it. If the active player then decide to roll the dice again, he may use exactly 1 blue steering wheel again and must accept and deal with the re-roll – and so on.

Change to “End of game”: As soon as a player has reached 20 or more victory points, play continues until the end of the turn of the player on seat 4 (player 4 active, other players passive). The game then ends.
The game is played without Sudden Death.

Explanations for “People”:

  • Señorita: You may only cross off spaces that are next to spaces that have already been crossed off. Spaces filled by the Señorita do not entitle the player to cross off neighboring spaces.
  • Captain: The captain may also choose a green ship wheel. This is not circled, but crossed off immediately.
  • Clerk: The clerk also gives you a bonus for steering wheels that you receive from the captain.

The White Castle

Clarification to “End of Round – Gardens”: At the end of a round only those Gardeners are activated, that were in the Gardens at the start of the end of round phase (and their corresponding bridge has at leaste one die on it).
Gardeners placed during that phase only provide the normal Gardener action but not the end-of-round activation.

Change to “Appendix – Perform a Personal Domain action”:

Perform a Personal Domain action, as if you had placed a die of value 6 in one of your 3 die spaces. You cannot trigger the exact same line more than once in a single turn (see page 8).
Remark: The only way to trigger that twice in the same turn will be via die and then via this icon. The restriction only applies to that particular icon.

Rule Question

If there are any open rule questions or proposals. Please feel free to ask them here:

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