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Welcome EuropeMasters, the open European Championship Boardgames! The EC will be held each year at the Spiel. The worlds' largest games fair.

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Nominees selected


Dear All, We are pleased to inform you that the following games are selected as nominees for our 2016 edition (random order): Marco Polo – Hans im Glück Haspelknecht – Quined Games IKI – UTSUROI Shakespeare – Ystari Games Viticulture; essential edition – Stonemaier Games Automania – Artipia Games Councel of Four – Cranio Creations Mombasa – Eggertspiele […]

Panda Game Manufacturing – Trophee sponsor


Panda Game Manufacturing supports EuropeMasters by providing the Gioco trophees and meeples!   Panda Game Manufacturing, based in Canada, produces game(component)s with quality control as top focus. Panda GM was founded in early 2007 to provide tabletop game publishers with high quality overseas manufacturing services. Being avid gamers, Panda GM understand the attention to detail required […]