•  From all players it is expected that you know the rules and know the game (so extensive training camps during the weekends from now on). The playing standard is very high (and very sportsmanlike)!!! You really should practice and have played each game at least 3 times. You will notice that through practising you will enjoy the challenge at the tournament even more.
  • English rules are leading. Sometimes there could be a difference between translations. But the rules provided with the game (in English) together with the published clarifications on this website (see section rules specific clarification) are the standard rules for the tournament. FAQs, official or non-official, remain non-official unless we notify you differently and it is posted on our website.
  • Seating is assigned per game, so the starting player is not based on the way described in the rules. Player 1 of each team will be starting player for Game1, player no2 will be seated on 2nd spot at the table, etc etc. The second round (Game2), player 2 of the team will be starting player, player 3 will be seated on 2nd spot, player 4 on 3rd spot and player 1 is last player. For Game3 each 3rd player of the team is starting payer and with Game4 the last player of each team is starting player.
  • The tournament exists of 4 playing rounds. Each round a single game is simultaneous played by all participants. The individual score per team member per game (5, 3, 2 or 1 point) is added together and this gives the team result. In case of a tie, the points will be divided. Example during a game player A and player B end both second place, they each will get (3+2)/2=2.5 point each. CHECK always tiebreakers to determine ranking!!! Maximum score possible for a team is 80 points (4x4x5).
  • In case after 4 gaming rounds teams have the same amount of points, the following tie breaker is used: The team who has the fewest number of 4th positions (resp 3rd, etc in case of another tie), will be ranked higher.
    Example. A team with 48 points (winning 8 games (8×5 points) and loosing another 8 games (8×1 point) will be ranked lower then a team with 48 points (16x 2nd place = 16×3 points).
  • During tournament play, the referee can be called in case of a question/dispute regarding current or possible game situation. “Errors” in prior rounds of play will not be corrected and have to be accepted. In case the decision of the referee is not accepted, the main referee will be called and his decision is decisive. Players may sign protest, the organization will collect the protest and will give feedback at a later stage, but the game will be continued based on the decision made. In case the player refuses to continue, this is not regarded as fair-play and the player can be dispelled from this specific game.
  • It is prohibited during game play to negotiate with/persuade or influence other players. Though most players just want to give good advice, most of the time this is rather subjective and will benefit their own. You should rely on other players that they judge the gaming situation right and make the best possible move for THEIR own benefit.
  • You play not only to win, but also to have a very good time (so if you would not become champions you still go home with a very good feeling, and met some nice other international gamers) (so more sportsmanlike)

TIP: reread the rules after you have played the game several times. You will notice you have overlooked some rules.

Check in time! I know it can be crowded.