Rules clarification – games specific

In this section per game clarifications will be posted as well as the English rules in case these are not provided with the game.

Rules download section

note: PDF files and can be read with Acrobat Reader (free for download).

Playing schedule

Registration10:00 – 10:15
Clans of Caledonia10:15 – 12:15
Heaven and Ale12:30 – 14:00
Keyper14:45 – 16:30
Pulsar 284916:45 – 18:15
Prize Giving Ceremoy18:30

Take into account that time is also a gaming factor and a restriction!! We have some shorter games and some longer games. Do not train only on the knowledge of rules and strategy, but also on gaming speed. Know where you can speed up and where you might need some time to think. If your table is lagging, know that you will play with increased time pressure in the final rounds. Please note that all games are prepared in advance (so no pressing out counters or whatsoever), so you can start playing right away.

Now the playing schedule is set, please determine your player order. We would like to receive the names for player A, B, C and D.

Player A:__________ (1st in Clans of Caledonia, 4th in Heaven and Al, 3rd in Keyper, 2nd in Pulsar 2849)
Player B:__________ (2nd in Clans of Caledonia, 1st in Heaven and Al, 4th in Keyper, 3rd in Pulsar 2849)
Player C:__________ (3rd in Clans of Caledonia, 2nd in Heaven and Al, 1st in Keyper, 4th in Pulsar 2849)
Player D:__________ (4th in Clans of Caledonia, 3rd in Heaven and Al, 2nd in Keyper, 1st in Pulsar 2849)

Clans of Caledonia

  • At the tournament, the basic setup (including clans, scoring and port tiles) will be played with static import goods. So randomly select a side of each of the four playing boards, randomly select 5 clans, 5 scoring tiles and 4 port tiles. Clans will be selected in reverse player order (no auction).
  • As we will play the game with static import goods (4 VP for each imported good), the number of goods imported will not be tracked and therefore you will also not receive income for each 5th good that is imported.
  • Two water spaces split by a tongue of land (see map on page 2 for an example) are not considered adjacent, you need to go around it when counting your shipping reach.
  • If expanding leads to a neighbourhood bonus and a 4th building bonus, players may choose the sequence in which they would like to receive these bonuses.
  • During the tournament we will play with the new edition of Clans of Caledonia. All kickstarter tiles in the previous edition of the game are play tested now and are standard in the new edition. So practice those as well. For clan MacEwen, for each unit of hops you may produce one unit of beer for a value of £9.
  • When fulfilling a contract, players may choose the order of the bonuses themselves. When playing with clan Buchanan, the player may decide to fulfil both orders at the same time or to fulfil them one after the other in one turn (and use the bonus from one contract as input for the other contract)
  • Action “hire a merchant” does not allow you to take a merchant back from the market. This is only allowed with the bonus “upgrade”.

Heaven and Ale

  • Starting players place their player figure on the first place position. The remaining bonuses are selected counter-clockwise, so last player selects first. This is incorrect in the French rules.
  • Players may not select two barrels of the same kind. The picture on the bottom of page 8 suggests otherwise and is incorrect.
  • At game end, the English rules state “continue applying the exchange rate until none of your resource markers can be moved forward without decreasing the value of another marker below that spot.” However, you are allowed to stop earlier, if this gives you a better result (using any leftover ducats).


  • The statue only brings points for own country tiles. This is incorrect in the German rules.
  • Tip: bring a copy of the page with the different options for the country board, so you can quickly review the different options and select the one you would like to select for the new season.
  • Tournament specific rule: all players are responsible that each player lay down their keyples when playing their keyper, as it might be an advantage for a player that forgets to do so. It is mandatory for a player that forgets to lay down their keyples, to do this right away (and receive the corresponding bonuses), if this is pointed out by another player.

Pulsar 2849

  • At the tournament, the regular side of the star cluster board (no dead ends) will be played without headquarters. As a consequence, technology boards AI, AII and AIII will be selected and the goal tile with a bonus for headquarters will be removed from the game. Randomly select three out of the five available goal tiles and their side.