In this section per game clarifications will be posted as well as the English rules in case these are not provided with the game.

Rules download section

English Rules – Download Link

Tournament Schedule

Registration9:30 – 9:50
Welcome Speechat about 9:50
Start first gameat about 10:10
Award Ceremonyat about 19:30
End of Eventat about 20:00 / 20:15
(All times are tentative and may be subject to change!)

Time per Game

Games are played in the following order. The mandatory maximum playing times per game are:

Tiletum150 min.
Next Station London45 min.
Lacrimosa150 min.
Starship Captains100 min.

Board Game Timer

In order to keep the playing times of the games within normal limits, we are planning to introduce time limits on the playing time per player per game this year wherever necessary.

Please expect that during the tournament for individual games the app Board Game Timer will be used. It will measure the playing time per player for the entire game.

A special thanks to our partner Mads Purup, the developer of the app, who has extended it for us, kept it free of charge and also ported it to Android. Please give him good reviews in the App Store/Google Play if you like the app and recommend it to other players.

The timer app can be used either at all tables for the entire game, or after the referee’s decision for the remaining game time at tables where an overlong game appears.

The use of the timer app is explicitly not aimed at forcing particularly fast play. Accordingly, the time limits will be such that no one should be in danger of hitting a time limit during normal fast play.

Each team is required to bring two mobile devices to the tournament with the app installed, fully charged and in flight mode.

Please install the app on your devices and familiarize yourself with it in case it is used in the tournament.
The App will be started in mode “Count Up”. Time limits will be communicated by the referees.


  • Tournament: It is played according to the official FAQ V2. The FAQ can be found here: English Rules – Download Link
  • “Game Setup – 3. Action Wheel”: The following rule is used to set up the Action Wheel: “For additional variety, especially once the players are more familiar with the game, you may shuffle the six Action tiles and place one at random on each space around the Action Wheel.”
  • Addition to “Game Setup – 3. Character Tiles”: Instead of a pile of person tiles, a cloth bag with person tiles is used.
  • Clarification on “Action Phase – Step 2 – Take 1 die from the Action Wheel”: A bonus tile is always taken together with the die from the action wheel. No task can be completed between taking the die and taking the Bonus tile.
  • Clarification on “Type of Tiles – Contracts”: A player cannot fulfill more than 6 Contracts. As soon as a player has fulfilled 6 Contracts he is not allowed to take new Contract tiles.
  • Clarification on “Type of Tiles – Helpers”: Resolving a helper tile has to be completed before using another helper tile.

Next Station London

  • Tournament: Both advanced modules will be played.
  • Tournament: The same distribution of pencil colors and pencil powers will be used at all tables. Starting player gets the blue pencil in the first round.
  • Change to “Build your Underground line”: The players draw their section in turn, starting with the blue player.
  • Addition to “How to play – Score points for your line”: At the end of each round your right neighbor scores the point on your score sheet.
  • Clarification pencil power “Second Section ↻”: If you use this power in a turn where the railroad switch was flipped over then the second section may also use the railroad switch.
  • English rules listed due to different translations:
    • Build your Underground line: All previously drawn cards are visible.
    • Pencil Powers: Once you have used your Pencil Power card, flip it face down in front of you until the end of the round.
    • Points for Tourist Site Stops: Take note: you can only cross out a maximum of 10 circles on your tourist site score track for a maximum of 25 points. If you would cross off more circles, you skip this action.


  • Clarification on “Components”: Story Point counters are not intended to be limited.
  • Addition to “Setup – 7”: Take the four Composer portrait tiles, place them face down, shuffle them and then choose two of them blindly. The two composers chosen will be used in this game.
  • Change to “Actions – Document Memories / Commission an Opus”: The card row along the upper edge the board is only refilled at the end of a player’s turn, not at the end of each action.
  • Clarification to “Actions – Travel – City”: After Mozart’s Journeys marker has reached the destination, the City tile is removed from the board. This is also the case if no reward has been gained.
  • Clarification of “The Maintenance Phase – Main Board – Map”: Whenever empty City or Royal Court spaces have to be filled with tiles, then this is done in this ascending order of city numbers.
  • Clarification of “Agnus Dei rewards”:
    • For very action you perform you gain a bonus action for every matching Agnus Dei reward, you own. Bonus actions from Agnus Dei rewards do not trigger additional Agnus Dei rewards.
      Example: A player plays a Memory card into the Experience section, showing two travel actions. The player has two Agnus Dei rewards “Travel+”. Result: For each travel action of the Memory card, he gets two additional travel actions – one from each of the two Agnus Dei rewards. This results in 6 travel actions in total.
    • City tiles with the actions “Document Memories”, “Commission an Opus” and “Perform or sell Music” do trigger the matching Agnus Dei reward.
      City tiles with the actions “Perform Religious Music” and “Sell Religious Music” do not trigger an Agnus Dei reward.
    • If a Agnus Dei reward is resolved this has to be done immediately after the action that triggered Agnus Dei. The effect cannot be postponed to the end of a players turn.

Starship Captains

  • Addition to “Setup – General Supply”: Artifact tokes are kept in a cloth bag.
  • Change to “Player Setup”: The starting player randomly draws a side of his Tech-slot board (e.g. by flipping a coin). All players at his table play with that side of the board.
    The sides of the fraction tracks to be played are also drawn in this way.
  • Clarification on “Going to Places – Stations”: Even if you activate multiple rooms in your turn or get multiple single moves – the reward of a station tile is only granted if you are on that station at the end of your turn. The rewards on a station tile are granted from left to right.