Registration is open!

Registration 2018 is open for teams! The tournament games have been selected and we have again great games this year. And do not forget to check out the nominees.


  1. Please note that this year the setup has been changed. We are not sending out any training copies anymore. Teams should acquiry them theirselves. As this would save us in shipping costs, we are able to reduce the participation fee per team to EUR 50.-. Each team will get 1 set of the games playes after the tournament in return, and of course a great gaiming time and chances on some nice prizes.

2. Check whether there is a national organisation who is organising prequalification rounds. If you do not find your nationality and want to participate or have other questions, feel free to contact us: Ronald at EuropeMasters dot eu.

3. Feel free to share this information. Also due to the change of setup we have more seats available complared to previous years. It would be great to welcome new nationalities.


National qualifications – contacts



Nice dice,