Rules clarification – games specific

In this section per game clarifications will be posted as well as the English rules in case these are not provided with the game.


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note: PDF files and can be read with Acrobat Reader (free for download).


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Please note registration starts at 10:00. Prize giving ceremony starts at approx. xx:xx.

Take into account that time is also a gaming factor and a restriction. We have some shorter games and some longer games. Do not train only on the knowledge of rules and strategy, but also on gaming speed.

First Class

  • At the tournament, modules A+B will be played.
  • The number of wagon cards is unlimited. In the rare case that 0-wagons run short if you want to place a 0-wagon, remove another 0-wagon in the middle of your train to the new position and leave the empty spot open. As soon as a new 0-wagon becomes available, refill the empty spot. Return upgraded wagons (e.g. a 1-wagon by a 2-wagon) to the general supply.



  • At the tournament, the basic setup will be played: A-side of starting province cards and no end-of-game scoring card.
  • When selecting a card, it is not allowed to try different possibilities. Once a card is taken, you can’t switch to another card.


Great Western Trail

  • At the tournament, the basic setup will be played: neutral building tiles are placed onto the space marked with its matching letter and A-side of private building tiles.


Lorenzo il Magnifico

  • At the tournament, the advanced rules with different personal bonus tiles and leader cards will be played.
  • If you select a card with immediate effect bonus to take another card, you need to pay 3 coins if you take a card in a tower that is already occupied.
  • The number of development cards is limited to six per type, this includes the character and venture cards.